PFI Plant

RPL power factor improvement plant has been designed to meet the needs of all forms of power factor correction by capacitor banks from small unit to large plant. PFI plant are preferable designed to eliminate the penalties for consumption of reactive power reduction of voltage drop, increase in transformer capacity with some loses ( Load) , reduction line losses. The PFI plant supplied in cubicles of sheet metal clad , dust & vermin proof , free standing and floor mounting ( wall mounting in special Case). Automatic PFI plant comprise of capacitor banks, power factor improvement Relay/Regulator, cotractors, HRC Fuse, MCCB, MCB, Manual / Automatic change over switch reactors for large plant comply with IEC/BS and other relevant international standard. The automatic PFI plant are available in steps of 2.5 KVAR to 1200KVAR are capacitor banks and up to maximum output of 10000 KVAR