Cummins diesel generator sets are powered by Cummins diesel engines.

Cummins is the global leading manufacturer of diesel engine with complete power range, the product has advanced working performance, excellent reliability features, and economical maintenance features, etc. Especially that Cummins has more than 5400 authorized agents and distributors in 130 countries and regions around the world, with 24 hours after service and spare parts supplement.

The new design of the electronic speed regulation system of Cummins diesel engine has the following features:

1. 4 valves per cylinder, spring separately. Water; exhaust gas turbo, four stroke, the inlet water for cold air type, direct fuel injection systems.

2. PT fuel injection system with advanced EFC electronic governor, diesel engine steady adjustable rate can be set between 0 to 5% (constant speed), which can realize remote  operation control and easy to realize automatic control, torque synchronous excitation system can make the engine quickly recover rotation speed under sudden load increase.

3. The electric heater in engine intake manifold allows quick/reliable engine start under low temperature and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Achieve the emission standards prescribed by the state government.

4. The combustion process was optimized by using advanced technology, significantly reduce the fuel consumption, higher reliability, no overhaul time more than 15000 hours,industry-leading level;Lower fuel consumption,the use of lower cost, higher efficiency and security.

5. Better starting performance at low temperature.